Between Lovers- By Eric Jerome Dickey

Between Lovers- By Eric Jerome Dickey

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Nicole made a bold move by dumping her fiance at the altar. From there, she's built a successful career, relocated north to Oakland, and fallen in love all over again—this time with a woman. But Nicole's still not entirely happy. Don't get her wrong—she likes what she has. It's just that she misses what she had. The question is, can she have it all? As she brings her ex back into her life and tests the boundaries between lovers, you'd better believe that the anger, jealousy, excitement, and passion of this triangle are going to run hot....

Nicole is playing with fire, not to mention the feelings of the two people who love her most in the world. How these three fascinating people handle this unusual and complex relationship makes for one of Dickey's most provocative and unforgettable novels


Hardcover/Very Good