Diners- By Karen Offitzer

Diners- By Karen Offitzer

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More than just a place to grab a bite, the diner is an expression of the free-flowing American spirit, as generous as a bottomless cup of coffee and a flashing neon sign beckoning the traveler or passer-by with the immortal words "Eat Here Now."

Diners across America pay homage to the spirit and ingenuity of both early and contemporary entrepreneurs, celebrating the energy and passion of an American culture devoted to simple pleasures and classic, unadorned food.

Experience the sights and sounds of the glorious diners of America through photographs and descriptions of:
-- Diners of the past and present
-- Neon lights and shiny silver buildings
-- Chrome counter stools and rollicking juke boxes
-- Signs, menus, and sturdy diner crockery
-- Blue plate specials, hearty hamburgers, and sinful desserts

Diners is a delightful pictorial celebration of this astounding slice of American culture and history, presenting an entertaining and informative text served up in style with full-color and archival photographs, fine art, and memorabilia.