Everyday Lies- By Tanya Anne Crosby

Everyday Lies- By Tanya Anne Crosby

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Gillian Frazer needs something to change. Her marriage has failed. Her job has lost its meaning. She seeks external forms of comfort too often. And then her grandmother, the only real parental figure in her life, finds herself in the hospital, sequestered in her own mental prison.

In search of change, Gillian decides to return to her grandmother's ranch, a home that has been in the family for generations and looks as though it hasn't been updated in nearly as long. As she brings the house into this century, Gillian embarks on a journey of discovery. Of the grandmother she didn't know as well as she believed. Of the culture that left its mark on even the strongest of women. Of the town that harbored more secrets than any one community should hold. And of the person Gillian has allowed herself to become.

Gillian's journey of discovery will lead her to a place where the past is redefined, the present requires reevaluating, and the future depends on her ability to distinguish the truth from everyday lies.

Honest, unflinching, and resonant on multiple levels, EVERYDAY LIES is New York Times bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby's most ambitious and revealing novel to date.


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