Flipping the Switch- By John G. Miller

Flipping the Switch- By John G. Miller

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In his best-selling book QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, John G. Miller revealed how personal accountability helps to create opportunity, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals by eliminating blame, complaining, and procrastination. The result? Stronger organizations, more dynamic teams, and healthier relationships. Now Miller takes listeners to the next level to show how they can use the power of the QBQ! and personal accountability every day. When a light switch is flipped the flow of energy that is released reaches the lightbulb in an instant, bringing it to life. Similarly, asking the right kind of question - a QBQ - is the first step to empowering what Miller calls the Advantage Principles - five essential practices that will lead to a richer experience in every aspect of life:

  • LEARNING: live an engaged and energized life through positive personal growth and change
  • OWNERSHIP: attain goals by becoming a solution-oriented person who solves problems
  • CREATIVITY: find new ways to achieve by succeeding "within the box"
  • SERVICE: build a legacy by helping others succeed
  • TRUST: develop deep and rewarding relationships with compelling real-life stories and keen insights

Miller demonstrates how anyone can find success and satisfaction by "flipping the switch".


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