Ghostbusters U.K- By Robin Furman & Moira Martingale

Ghostbusters U.K- By Robin Furman & Moira Martingale

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Psychologist Robin Furman, one of the country's few lecturers in parapsychology, has more than a passing interest in ghosts. He heads an experienced real-life team of psychic investigators, which includes a microbiologist, a computer consultant and an electronics engineer, who are in constant demand to tackle hauntings and paranormal experiences of all kinds.

Writer Moira Martingale has assembled a remarkable casebook of the Ghostbusters' recent experiences and their many successful exorcisms. These include amongst others: the case of Grange Farm, the scene of sudden deaths and bizarre accidents; the churchyard which had mist rising from open tombstones, unexplained lights and menacing clocked figures; the ghost train with a slightly too realistic corpse; and the woman possessed by Pazuzu, a lion-eagle monster from the desert fringes of civilization.


Hardcover/Very Good