Here is the Tropical Rainforest- By Madeleine Dunphy

Here is the Tropical Rainforest- By Madeleine Dunphy

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Using cumulative verse, this colorful picture book introduces children to the swinging monkeys, upside-down-hanging sloths, graceful caimans and stalking jaguars that make up the Amazon rainforest, while giving young readers an understanding of the interdependency of life.

Exotic environments like the tropical rain forest have long held a fascination for young readers. Through singsong text, kids will discover how all living things in the rain forest rely on one another for their existence, and that when one of these animals or plants is killed off or goes extinct, the web of life is broken. Luminous paintings by Michael Rothman capture the untamed beauty of this timeless, endangered environment. This book is a must have for any young naturalist (ages 3-8) hoping to learn about how all life is connected in the natural world.


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