Immunity- By Taylor Antrim

Immunity- By Taylor Antrim

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In the very near future, a devastating Ebola-like pandemic has struck the world, but for the 1 percent in New York City, it's an excuse for even more twisted behavior.

Taylor Antrim delivers a thrilling new novel that combines the best of dystopian fiction with a sharp-eyed exploration of class and wealth in the world's capital. In this fast-paced, paranoid near-future New York City, we meet Catherine, a broke socialite who is getting sick. Desperate, she takes a job with a luxury concierge service that fulfills the most outlandish desires of the ultrarich - even if that means hunting down the 99 percent.

As the hidden agendas of her employer and his shadowy clients emerge, Catherine realizes things are not remotely as they appear, and she finds herself a pawn of megacorporations and government agents all eager to profit from the cure embedded inside of her.

Hardcover/Very Good