Innovative Admin- By Julie Perrine

Innovative Admin- By Julie Perrine

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If you want to be the administrative assistant every executive wants by his or her side and other administrative professionals look up to, The Innovative Admin is for you!

This must-have book for admins helps you learn how to embrace innovative thinking that makes you invaluable to your boss, your co-workers and your company.

In this informative and motivating book, you’ll discover:
• What it means to be The Innovative Admin
• How you can unleash your mind to think innovatively
• Techniques you can use to bring out the administrative leader inside you
• Ways you can tap into your creativity and initiative to get ahead

The Innovative Admin empowers you to become the best you can be by enhancing your capacity for innovation. Read it and grow your administrative career to exciting new levels. Innovation isn't just for technology - it's the key to your career future.

Softcover/Very Good