Ivy + Bean- By Annie Barrows

Ivy + Bean- By Annie Barrows

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Meet Ivy & Bean. Bean has lots of friends, loves stomping in puddles and hates being bored. Ivy has just moved in next door. Ivy seems nice, wears dresses and sparkly headbands—which makes Bean think she's too boring to be friends with. But after Ivy comes to Bean's rescue, they become the best of friends and begin a series of silly, sneaky, imaginative, sometimes naughty, and always hilarious adventures.

From beloved children's book author Annie Barrows, the Ivy and Bean collection has been delighting preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and kids of all ages for nearly two decades. Centered upon messages promoting friendship, empathy, and understanding, this a charming and addictive introduction to the Ivy and Bean chapter book series filled with vibrant characters and lots of humor.


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