Life's A Bitch and Then You Change Careers- By Andrea Kay

Life's A Bitch and Then You Change Careers- By Andrea Kay

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Most people agree there are few things worse than being stuck in a career you hate. It's not just the daily drudgery of work that has become tedious; it's also the hopeless feeling of life moving in the wrong direction and not knowing how to turn it around. Renowned career consultant Andrea Kay knows it's possible for people in such predicaments to make a change, and in this book she offers her time-tested, nine-step program to show you how.

The process begins with readers doing some soul-searching to define a career objective that's based on who they are, not what others think they should be. The author then offers a methodical plan for successfully making the shift, addressing every issue from research and training to networking and interviewing to ultimately landing that new job. Along the way, she provides helpful exercises and real-life examples of clients who have made the transition to a happier working life. Kay's personable writing style, vast knowledge, and years of experience make this life-changing book the next best thing to one-on-one sessions with one of the best career counselors in the country.


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