Living Brands- By Raymond A. Nadeau

Living Brands- By Raymond A. Nadeau

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A Brand-New Approach to Brand-Building.

For Consumers. For Companies. For Life.

If you want to build and strengthen your brand in the twenty-first century, you need more than clever grassroots promotions and hip guerrilla marketing. You need Living Brands, Raymond Nadeau's dynamic, groundbreaking approach to branding that shows you, in six simple steps, how to become an integral part of your consumers' lives.

Living Brands is based on a passion for understanding consumers' lives and their existing needs. It uses the latest strategies of consumer collaboration to create a more culturally evolved, emotionally engaged, holistic connection to consumers. As one of the marketing industry's global pioneers, Raymond Nadeau has seen how the marketing world has changed. He provides examples of what works and what doesn't in today's consumer-savvy market. Packed with interviews from today's finest creative and cultural minds, he reveals six secrets to creating brands that truly fascinate and fulfill consumers' needs. You'll learn about

  • Five Top Global Trend Agencies, which come together for the first time to provide insight into customer collaboration
  • Culture Casting, a new model of consumer segmentation
  • Consumer as Creator, a new concept of brand-building based on actual lifestyles, as well as creating what Nadeau calls brand biospheres
  • Megatrends, the four must-have ingredients for living brands
  • The Focus Group Hoax, the difference between what consumers say and what they really mean

    Living Brands gives you all the tools you need to adapt your brand to an ever-changing world of consumers, options, and interests. It's the intelligent way to respond to consumers' realities-and the only true way to build stellar brands that will stand the test of time.

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