Magickal Crafts- By Kristin Madden & Liz Roberts

Magickal Crafts- By Kristin Madden & Liz Roberts

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Are you looking for new ideas for decorations, gifts, or ways to honor Divinity on the holidays and other special days? Magickal Crafts is about creating joy in your life by opening it to divine inspiration. Filled with beautiful, magickal crafts and delicious recipes, this is a book for everyone, from experienced craftspeople to those that are all thumbs. Inside, you?ll learn how to:

  • Make unique crafts for the eight Neopagan holidays and lunar phases
  • Craft sacred spaces, magical tools, oracles and altar pieces
  • Experiment with meditations, spells and other magical exercises
  • Create special gifts and mouth-watering delicacies for handfastings, baby blessings, adulthood celebrations and more
  • Design and wear ritual and fun garb, as well as body oils and henna body art
  • Discover traditions and crafts from around the world
  • Open to your own creativity and allow it to manifest joy in your life
  • Contains dozens of photos to guide you through the projects
  • And much, much more

Written by two hedonistic craftswomen and home-schooling moms, Magickal Crafts is the product of far too much fun, celebration, and experimentation. It is truly a work that will provide you with loads of great ideas and help you find your own inner muse. Perfect for crafty Wiccans, Pagans, Druids and all others who walk the Earth's path.


Softcover/Very Good