Memories And Mementos From Golf's Golden Bear- By Jack Nicklaus

Memories And Mementos From Golf's Golden Bear- By Jack Nicklaus

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The first extensively illustrated autobiography by one of the world's greatest golfers

Widely regarded as the greatest golfer in history, Jack Nicklaus won 73 PGA Tour victories in his illustrious career, a record 18 of them in major championships, including six Masters. His expert performances under pressure have earned him permanent residence in the pantheon of sports, and his sportsmanship and respect for the game make him the ideal model of a modern professional athlete.

In Jack Nicklaus, his first fully illustrated autobiography, the legendary golfer offers the story of his life, both professional and personal, in his own voice. From the thrill of winning his first U.S. Amateur title in 1959 to the heart-warming ovation after a birdie on his final hole at the 2005 British Open, Nicklaus walks us through his most significant career highlights. We also get to know the man behind the legend, as he describes growing up in Columbus, Ohio; the true origins of his nickname; and his renowned devotion to his family.

In addition to rare photographs from the Jack Nicklaus Museum, the book features ten pieces of memorabilia reproduced as removable facsimiles. With intimate stories and a treasure trove of visual material, this collection is the next best thing to playing a round with the Golden Bear himself.


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