Momisms- By Cathy Hamilton

Momisms- By Cathy Hamilton

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This Parent-to-English guidebook is a hilarious primer on understanding the true meanings of parental communication.

Those who suspect that their mothers took closely guarded secret courses instructing them on "the significance of enigmatic utterances" won't be surprised to learn there are indeed clandestine languages for Moms. And here is the book that deciphers them.

Finally, Mom's warnings, "Don't you ever let me catch you doing that again!"(implying that you can do it, I just don't want to find out about it) and probes, "Is that what you're going to wear?" are made clear. (Translation of the last Momism: "I wouldn't be caught DEAD in that outfit.")

Momisms compile these silly turns of phrases handed down from time immemorial. Interpreted for the new century, the book is translated with tongue-in-cheek humor and insight.


Hardcover/Very Good