Perfect by Judith McNaught

Perfect by Judith McNaught

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Convicted of murdering his wife, film director Zachary Benedict is driven to a desperate act. Escaping from prison, he has kidnapped Julie Mathison and spirited her away to a Colorado mountain hideout. For Benedict, it's a last-chance attempt to salvage his blown-apart existence. And for Julie, it's a shattering schism in the orderly world she has fashioned from her rootless childhood, the 'perfect' life that she has protected so fiercely. She never imagined she could be in such a terrifying position with such an unpredictable man. Outraged and wary, Julie nonetheless finds herself tempted to believe in his innocence. And as a dangerous bond ensnares both captor and captive, Julie must unearth the truth that is buried in the shadows of the past.

Condition: Good/Hardcover