Perform Like A Rock Star by Orna W. Drawas

Perform Like A Rock Star by Orna W. Drawas

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GOOD NEWS: This book now has a SECOND EDITION with all the valuable information from the first edition PLUS two new chapters: (1) Mentoring & Coaching to Success, and (2) Leveraging Conflict to drive creativity, change and growth.  Check it out right here on Amazon!

Everyone wants to be a star at some point in their life. Become a true leader, a real mover, and quite simply, someone who people can count on to makes things happen. Inside the pages of Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch you can uncover ways to attain whole new levels in your own personal peak performance that can bring you greater success and fulfillment in your career - than you ever thought possible - and still have time for lunch . . . and so much more.

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