Social Injustice and Public Health- By Barry S. Levy

Social Injustice and Public Health- By Barry S. Levy

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This second edition of Social Injustice and Public Health is a comprehensive, up to date, evidence based resource on the relationship of social injustice to many aspects of public health. With contributions from leading experts in public health, medicine, health, social sciences, and other fields, this integrated book documents the adverse effects of social injustice on health and makes recommendations on what needs to be done to reduce social injustice and thereby improve the public's health.

Social Injustice and Public Health is divided into four parts:

· The nature of social injustice and its impact on public health
· How the health of specific population groups is affected by social injustice
· How social injustice adversely affects medical care, infectious and chronic non communicable disease, nutrition, mental health, violence, environmental and occupational health, oral health, and aspects of international health
· What needs to be done, such as addressing social injustice in a human rights context, promoting social justice through public health policies and programs, strengthening communities, and promoting equitable and sustainable human development

With 78 contributors who are experts in their respective subject areas, this textbook is ideal for students and practitioners in public health, medicine, nursing, and other health sciences. It is the definitive resource for anyone seeking to better understand the social determinants of health and how to address them to reduce social injustice and improve the public's health.


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