Starry Night- By John Mosley

Starry Night- By John Mosley

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Everything You Need To Know About Sky Watching and The Solar System, In One Package.

Starry Night has been created to give amateur sky watchers an easy and logical survey of what there is to see in the heavens and how to find it. The book explains what's out there, from the planets and other objects in our Solar System, to the constellations that fill the night skies, to far-distant objects such as quasars and galaxy clusters. It explains in simple text how the objects move through and about the sky, and how the movements of the Earth help create this perception. Starry Night lists key information about all of the constellations in the northern and southern skies visible in winter and in summer. Many easy-to-apply instructions are placed throughout the book for easy reference, such as figuring astronomical distances, how to view a solar eclipse, how to determine where the planets are in any given month, when and where to observe meteor showers, and how stars are named.


Hardcover/Very Good (CD Not included)