The Customer Signs Your Paycheck- By Frank Cooper

The Customer Signs Your Paycheck- By Frank Cooper

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Positive Service Gets Positive Results― Every Time!

Customer loyalty is becoming harder to establish and just as difficult to maintain. This is truer than ever in today’s hyper-digital world, where a single customer venting his or her dissatisfaction on a blog or social network can amass an army of anti-you activists―and send your business spiraling.

The Customer Signs Your Paycheck reveals the secret to ensuring customer contentment during every interaction. Inside, Frank Cooper examines the elements at the heart of quality customer service, which begin with self-awareness and confidence. You’ll learn:

  • The 10 commandments for customer relations 
  • Eight habits to help you get ahead 
  • The easiest way to handle customer complaints 
  • A simple method for remembering names

You’ll immediately take note of dramatic changes in the way you deal with difficult personalities, customer complaints, and other challenges that come with the territory.

Why drive customers to the competition? It really is easy to provide superb service, even when dealing with today’s highly empowered and demanding customer.


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