The Lemonade Stand: How to Make a Difference 101- By David Justus

The Lemonade Stand: How to Make a Difference 101- By David Justus

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The Lemonade Stand: How to Make a Difference 101 is a guide for students, volunteers, and other good-hearted people.

President Barack Obama said, Everyone can make a difference. This book will help you discover the key ingredients needed to do just that! Inside, you will read the amazing stories of real people and about the difference they are making.

You may be familiar with the saying, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The reality is that life is full of lemons including: disappointment, illness, conflict, tragedy, and loss. No one will escape life without experiencing one or all of these; however, this book is about what we do when we experience one of these lemons and what we can do to make lemonade.

While David Justus has spoken at schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses, a common question he is asked is, Can I make a difference too?

According to the mother of Charlie and Sammie Zipperer, two amazing girls who are on a mission to help the homeless and whom you ll meet in this book, It does not matter how small of a contribution that you make to society, it just matters that you are trying to make some contribution.

Pat Kujawa, the Founder of the Children s Wishing Star, another amazing person you ll meet in this book, told me, Sometimes you don t choose a cause it chooses you.

As a cancer survivor for more than 20 years, David has been blessed with a deep desire to give back. He has worked for and volunteered with many wonderful organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and United Way. Likewise, he started a support group for teens with cancer and founded a community-wide fatherhood initiative. Through these experiences, he has discovered the secret for making a difference in the lives of others.

The content of this book, How to Make a Difference 101, includes a proven recipe in which you will discover how to do more than just volunteer. Inside you ll find the eight key ingredients needed for taking life s lemons and making L-E-M-O-N-A-D-E: life s lemons, empathy, mission, opportunity, network, action, determination and encouragement. This recipe will help you change people s lives for the better.

Make a Difference 101 is not a required college course. It does not even require a high-school education, just a good heart and a desire to help.

Therefore, this book is simple, short and to the point. It will not take long to read but it has the potential to have life-long benefits for you and the people you touch as you become empowered to make a difference.


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