The Little Book of Golf Slang- By Randy Voorhees

The Little Book of Golf Slang- By Randy Voorhees

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The player takes a million-dollar swing, nips it, and flame broils a goer that hits the pro side of the dance floor with some growl on it. He tells the pill to sit, but the green is slick and the rock is sucked back into the frog hairs, leaving him thirty feet from the can.

Come again?

Even more than most sports, golf has its own special language. To join the inner circle of the golfing fraternity -- to be cool on the course -- you must master the game's unique and clever lingo. The Little Book of Golf Slang helps you do just that -- it's a lexicon of more than 300 common and not-so-common terms, presented in a tongue-in-cheek style that's both fun and informative. Whimsical illustrations throughout complete the package.

A few examples of what readers will find:

- Cabbage: Deep, thick, inescapable rough. Also called spinach. Forget what your morn told you -- green, leafy vegetables are not healthy when it comes to your golf score.

- Central American Putt: A putt that's one revolution short of falling in the hole.

- Liz Taylor: A shot that's a little fat, but still okay. Not to be confused with a Roseanne.

- The Nineteenth Hole: The post-round tavern where golfers often find their best lies.

Hardcover/Very Good