The Low-Fodmap Diet for Beginners- By Mollie Tunitsky

The Low-Fodmap Diet for Beginners- By Mollie Tunitsky

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Fast gut relief with a low FODMAP diet—the meal plan to make it easier

The low FODMAP diet involves limiting certain kinds of carbohydrates to help soothe IBS and other gut health issues. It's a transition that can seem overwhelming, but this beginner's introduction lays out just how doable it is to find relief with one week of low FODMAP eating. Explore dozens of easy recipes and a detailed 7-day meal plan that make it easy to understand how the diet works and how to feel better faster with food that's tasty and easy to prepare.

This guided plan to starting a low FODMAP diet includes:
  • 5 steps to healing—Break down your new diet with easy explanations of how to remove high FODMAP foods for just one week, and then slowly add them back to uncover which types are troubling you.
  • Essential information—Find out which foods are high or low in which FODMAPs, how to track your symptoms, meal prep in batches, and more.
  • Easy recipes for every taste—Every recipe is gluten-free and labeled to indicate whether it's dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, one pot, or extra fast to make.

Kick-start better gut health with an easy action plan for adopting the low FODMAP diet.


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